Ever since first hearing of the adventures of Shackleton and Charcot, Antarctica has captured our imagination and remains one of those trips that we just can’t recommend enough.  It epitomises the whole reason why we wanted to start Tallis Journeys – vast empty areas of old maps, astounding stories of human endeavour, the risk and reward of exploration…  Antarctica is all of these things. 


It’s hard to describe just how remote, fascinating and beautiful Antarctica is.  Picture sensational landscapes of pure white, interrupted by only the deep blue sea and the many glorious glaciers.  It is without a doubt one of the world’s last great frontiers with over five million square miles of the coldest, driest and virtually untouched land on the planet.  However, the hostility and isolation of the white continent has also meant that it is relatively untouched by humans – the benefit being that it provides some of the finest wildlife viewing experiences in the world.

Traveling to the very Southern tip of the planet is of course no longer the fraught adventure of just over a century ago.  We’ve partnered with some of the most luxurious adventure cruise companies in the world to offer an exceptional way to experience this once in a lifetime journey.  Sailing from Ushuaia in Argentina, you’ll spend the next two or three weeks on Le Boreal or Le Lyrial – two of the premier adventure cruising vessels in the world.  With the opportunity to retrace the route of Shackleton, you’ll experience the wildlife rich Falklands, the historic island of South Georgia before heading South to the most far flung reaches of the Antarctic peninsula.