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East Africa is blessed with outstanding wildlife, astounding scenery and awe-inspiring cultures.  It holds a very special place in our hearts – it’s where we met, where Graham’s family still lives (Uganda) and where we had our first adventures together.  With so much to offer it really does have something for everyone and perhaps the finest wildlife viewing in the world.  

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Tanzania is a wildlife seekers dream.  Nothing quite prepares you for the Serengeti during the migration – where else can you literally see the world curving away from you and filled with nearly two million Wildebeest and Zebra.  For us, we love getting out on foot so fly camping in Ruaha or the Selous or hiking to see Chimpanzees is the distant Mahale National Park rank as some of our favourite Tanzanian Journeys.

Tanzania is also home to the mighty Mt Kilimanjaro – one of the seven summits in the world and the highest point in Africa.  We’ve partnered with a specialist outfitter (with whom we both summited in the past) to provide private trips for any willing adventurers.


With all the outstanding wildlife viewing opportunities on the continent, it sometimes comes as a surprise to folks that our absolute favourite is trekking the Gorillas.  It’s incredibly difficult to describe just what an amazing experience this is.  Just take our word for it that it will change the way you think of wildlife from then on and if it isn’t the highlight of your Journey, then we’ll be very surprised. 


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Just North of Tanzania is Kenya with probably the most diverse set of wildlife viewing opportunities anywhere in Africa.  The Masai Mara, with its huge number of predators offers incredibly exciting migration sightings and never disappoints.  The semi arid Samburu National Reserve to the North is home to the Samburu tribe and a host of desert adapted species.  Both are spots that should be on everyone’s essential Africa list.  However, it’s the other areas of Laikipia, Lewa and the Matthews Ranges that really excite us.  Here you can swap your game-viewing vehicle for hiking boots, bicycles, horses or even camels for a truly unique day in the bush.


The semi-autonomous islands of Zanzibar lie just off the Tanzanian coast and are the perfect spot for some well needed post safari R&R.  Stone Town on Unguja, with its labyrinth of narrow streets, bustling markets and beautifully carved doors, provides a fascinating insight into the historical Swahili coast.  We were fortunate to have lived here for a few years and feel its unique history and culture make it an essential addition to any East African Journey. Of course there are also world famous white sand beaches, crystal clear waters and world class diving to keep you occupied. To the North of Unguja is Pemba, which although not quite hidden, is a real gem and one for the more adventurous folk out there.

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