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Our Top 5 Romantic Beds in Africa

Generally when we think of an African honeymoon, it usually entails seeking out the best place to see the migration or the most luxurious lodge available. 

However there is another side we would like you to think about. The bed. Yes, we would think a bed would be pretty important on a honeymoon. So let us tell you more. 

We have hunted down our top five picks for the most romantic, adventurous and unique beds Africa has to offer.

Under the Stars – Zambia

For the ultimate honeymoon safari experience, return to the wild with Time and Tide’s signature Sleepout Under the Stars. This extraordinary experience is an adventurous addition to any safari, allowing you to reconnect with nature and each other in a simple meaningful way. A cosy bedroll, bush loo and culinary team ensure that this experience is as comfortable as it is memorable.

Image credit @tideandtide

Time + Tide - Star Bed - African Travel Specialists
Abu Camp Safari - Botswana - Africa Travel

Sleeping among Elephants – Botswana

For those seeking the ultimate immersion experience into the serene, sensory world of the African elephant, Abu Camp offers you the opportunity to sleep out under the stars overlooking the elephant boma.

Sleeping in a large king-size Star Bed raised high above the ground, you can lie beneath the incredible canopy of southern hemisphere stars and be lulled to sleep by the contented rumbling and low snores of the elephants below – the ultimate African lullaby.

The Star Bed offers a unique opportunity to sleep with the elephants, found nowhere else in Africa. To ensure your complete comfort, a bathroom, including a shower, is found on the tier below the top deck

Cuddle Up In The Nest - Kenya

The folks at Segera were inspired to created a living space unlike anything else in the world, and well, they did it. 

Constructed alongside a river teeming with wildlife, the Nay Palad Bird Nest provides a 360-degree bird’s eye-view of the surrounding wilderness – home to giraffes, elephants and other wildlife. The structure is built from raw materials, including tree branches woven into a nest by local craftspeople.

You can choose to sleep either within the structure's interior suite or you're feeling 

Guests can choose to sleep either within the structure’s interior suite - or if you're feeling like nesting, you can sleep in the nest itself.

Image credit: Segera 

Royal Chendu Safari Zambia Vic Falls Travel Company

Riverside Romance - Zambia

Upstream from the Victoria Falls, on the banks of the powerful Zambezi River, you find paradise on earth. Royal Chundu, with its two magnificent lodges in the middle of the bush far from mingling tourists, is the place to enjoy peace and quiet.

Recently this award winning lodge introduced an incredible new product in what remains an untamed corner of Africa. 

Perched high above the river, Royal Chundu contructed their version of a star bed and we have to say its pretty wild.  Here senses will stimilated with the watching stars light up the sky over the river.

Austin Powers meets Africa - Kenya

We have left one of our favourites to last. Situated in northern Kenya’s spectacular Laikipia region, The Sanctuary at Ol Lentille is regarded as one of Kenya’s most exclusive safari lodges in a spectacular and breath taking location. 

For honeymooners, the Eyrie is the go-to accommodation. Imagine a round bedroom with a huge round bed and endless views. Taking on a Austin Powers feel, the villa is certainly very individual, different and special. 


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