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Our Top Family Holidays


There are a LOT of options out there for family friendly holiday destinations.   And don’t get us wrong, we very much appreciate the stock standard options that are available. However, sometime it’s nice to think out of box, to challenge both you and your kids in a different way.

So we've made a few suggestions for you, just to get you thinking. 


Kichaka 2015-185.1.jpg

Focusing on less time in the car, the folks at Kichaka Expeditions offer an incredible walking safari experience called Kichaka Untamed. Using well designed and lightweight flycamps, this raw and traditional safari experience is perfect for any family that wants to get a true sense of being out in the wild.

Simple and basic yet perfectly comfortable, the flycamp can accommodate 6 guests in 3 tents each with adjoining private bucket showers and toilets.  Travel cots ensure a good nights sleep, waking only for the night sounds before a full days exploration.  With a feel of complete informality, meals will be fresh prepared on the camp fire itself while you nurse a cold beer and contemplate the next days activities. (For children 16 years +)


Yes. I know how much we all love a kids club tied to a beach resort but BATU BATU Island – you won’t need one. There are plenty of activities on offer and there won’t be any problems on the entertainment front for the whole entire family.

BATU BATU, meaning "rocks" in the local malay language, is a rustic private island resort set amongst coconut groves, rocky outcrops and fine sand beaches on the tropical, uninhabited island of Pulau Tengah, Malaysia in the South China Sea.

From learning to dive or snorkel, to enjoying eight of the private white sandy beaches available - we guarantee you won’t be disappointed. The kids can also learn about conservation and might be lucky enough to witness turtles hatching at the island’s Turtle Watch Camp.

Batu Batu also strive to make life easier for parents travelling with little ones. There are children’s annexe in all Beach Villas and certain Ocean and Jungle Villas (with bunk beds). Babies and children are catered for with a simple rotating children’s menu available each day. Children also have the option of down-sizing certain simple dishes from the adult’s lunch menu. The lodge also provides fruit and vegetable purees for babies and can also puree items on the children’s menu for babies with advance notice. How nice not to think about food options! 


Great Plains | Family Safari | African Travel Specialists.jpg

A family safari can open up a whole new world to us all, but for children that world is even more enchanting. Exciting new animals are a huge part of a safari experience, but delving deeper and more personal into what lies in heart of the land and its people while learning and experiencing gives great satisfaction and interaction to kids (and parents).

Depending on where you would like to go, Great Plains Conservation offers an incredible option for children called the Young Explorers based both in Kenya and Botswana.

In Botswana, the Young Explorers program blends fun with becoming Conservation Ambassadors. Guides and staff are each trained by Botswana Government approved trainers in a one-week children awareness programme tailored to Great Plains Conservation’s conservation principles.

Not only is Botswana is an ideal family safari destination, Great Plains Conservation is a private concession with low guest numbers which allow you extreme flexibility to exploring by foot, canoe and vehicle, day and night.


GALAPAGOS Tourist Up Close Seal.jpg


We love the Galapagos Island for families but getting it right is key. It is a trek to get there and some money is required to make the most this once-in-a-lifetime destination.

So with many ships catering for different budgets, families, tastes and experiences, the choice can be overwhelming. However, after you’ve chosen the right ship (and we will help you with that) the adventure that waits is truly something else.

The biggest selling factor of the Galapagos is that each of the 15 islands offers something completely different (meaning the children won’t get board). The Galápagos wildlife is utterly different from anything that you will ever see on a television screen - giant tortoises the size of Fiat Unos, tangled heaps of iguanas, water teeming with sea lions.

And if you don’t fancy being on a boat for days, why not try Pikaia Lodge which offers day trips to surrounding islands as well as excursions on shore.