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Where & When To Go In 2019

First Quarter (Jan – March)

Rwanda & Uganda - Gorillas

We love Rwanda and Uganda as a combination. It ticks so many boxes – safari adventures, gorilla trekking, rhino tracking, immense culture and history - just to name a few! Gorilla can be done all year around however if you want the best conditions then the short dry season from the end of December through to early February is a fantastic time to go. Finish your journey off with a safari in the magnificent Murchison Falls Park in Uganda.


One of the best times to visit Antarctica is from January when the sunlight hours are at their greatest and when temperatures at the Peninsula are very favourable. Penguins begin hatching and wildlife, especially penguin chicks, is most plentiful during this time of year.

Meanwhile, whales tend to make an appearance in mid February through to March however much of the other wildlife has gone out to sea. On the weather front, temperatures begin to drop and there tends to be less vessels operating during this time. Landings are a lot less competitive and there is better access to areas further south as polar ice melts.

Second quarter (April – June)


As you know, India is a very big country and there are certain locations that are great at this time of the year, others not so much.

In the central parks, this one of the best time to see wildlife, as water is limited and sightings at watering holes are frequent. It is definitely warmer and wildlife viewing is recommended in the early morning or later afternoon. If you are planning to visit in Easter, book well ahead as hotels are very busy during this period.

Northern India Bike Riding.jpg

For a complete contrast to the rest of the country, we recommend visiting the stunning region of Ladakh, which is accessible from June. The days tend be sunny and clear however take plenty of layers for warmth as it can get quite cold in the evenings. 



Third quarter (July to Sept)


Undoubtedly the best time to visit Tanzania and the busiest by far. The Great Migration is on the move up north towards Kenya providing the best chance to witness herds of hundreds of animals cross Tanzania’s rivers. It is worth planning well in advance to secure the best camps to witness such an epic spectacle.


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With the ease of the Andes rains, visitors to Peru can enjoy beautifully sunny days and crisp evenings at altitude. It is a great time tick off the big-ticket items such as a trek to Machu Pichu or a visit to the shores of Lake Titicaca.  For the more adventurous, we recommend taking a trek to the base of Cordillera Huayhuash. Alternatively, walk the classic trek of the Cordillera Blanca: Llanganuco to Santa Cruz. It is unbelievably beautiful, with trail that follows a tumbling river, wending its way ever upward through a variety of scenery. An uninterrupted view of the white craggy pyramid of Taulliraju is your ultimate reward. 

Fourth Quarter (Oct – Dec)

Galapagos Islands

From November, the weather significantly improves in the Galapagos with calm seas and warmer days. From a wildlife perspective, there is plenty happening at this time of year as well. Sea lions begin to pup in November, while band-rumped storm petrels commence nest building.  December is equally exciting on the wildlife front. Giant tortoises eggs begin to hatch and green sea turtles put on their mating displays.


Song Saa Private Island.jpg

Move over Thailand! Cambodia’s southern islands have been likened to Thailand 20 years ago; meaning the time to go is now. With development in full swing on the coast, there are some incredible properties to stay at and experience the pristine surrounds. From Song Saa Private Island to Knai Bang Chatt, there is something on the coast for everyone and every budget.