Liz & Graham put together the trip of a lifetime for our honeymoon to Tanzania. We asked for 2-weeks of comfort and luxury. Tallis delivered the goods!

Graham is knowledgeable about all aspects of a safari holiday. He worked with us throughout the planning process as we went back and forth over which countries to visit, which places to stop at, which lodges to stay at etc. When we brought up an idea, he would check with his local contacts and let us compare several options. In the weeks leading up to our departure, Liz patiently fielded our incessant questions and concerns.

We were taken care of the moment we stepped off the plane at Mount Kilimanjaro airport. Tallis had staff waiting for us even before we passed through airport immigration.

We were paired with Emmanuel, who has over a decade of guiding experience, for Tarangire, Lake Manyara and Ngorongoro Crater. He was instrumental to our wonderful experience on the ground.  At Tarangire Park (Home of the Elephants), he spotted three rare leopards hiding in the trees. This was on top of seeing large herds of 20-30 elephants, several tree-climbing lions and untold numbers of wildebeests and zebras in one day! Even though we were not scheduled to see flamingoes or try the local cuisine, when I asked if we could do those things on Day 2, Emmanuel worked with the local Tallis office to make last minute changes to our Day 4 schedule. Tallis made sure that we could see and do all the things we wanted, even if it was not planned beforehand.

The wildlife in the Serengeti is on a whole other scale. There’s nothing like sitting on a hill and looking out across hundreds of wildebeests and zebra. We spent several days in Zanzibar, at Stone Town and on the beach, before returning home.

Despite the time difference, Liz kept in close contact by email to make sure everything was running smoothly. We could give real time feedback for every part of our trip and every aspect of our stay.

There are too many highlights to name. Our first leopard in a tree, sunset cocktails on Lake Manyara, the elusive black rhino at Ngorongoro Crater, driving across the vast Serengeti looking for (and finding) cheetahs, evening prayers in Stonetown and lounging on the white sands of Zanzibar….

Animal spotting on safari is all about luck. For everything else that can be organized, Tallis planned it all to perfection.

We are grateful for all the time and effort that Liz and Graham have put into our honeymoon. They gave us the keys to a treasure chest of safari adventures and memories.

We can’t wait to do the next one! Kenya? Botswana?


What an incredible trip!!! We wanted to say thank you again for organising what can only be described as a once in a life time experience visiting the Galapagos Islands. Every detail from the moment we landed in Ecuador to the moment we left was perfect and has given us a new expectation of what holidays should be like! There was nothing for us to do except relax and enjoy ourselves, Graham and his team looked after the rest.

Our home for 8 days aboard the ‘Eclipse’ was fantastic and the only way to experience what is truly a wonderous place. The crew were incredibly knowledgeable, friendly and had a true passion for everything about the Galapagos which was infectious amongst us and the other guests. Whether we were sitting on the back deck enjoying a delicious meal, swimming with Sea Lions or walking through rock formations that were dotted with iguanas and diverse bird life, we loved every minute.

We couldn’t recommend Graham and his team highly enough, Anna and I look forward to traveling again with you soon!


Of the numerous ways we could describe our trip, the first word that comes to mind is "flawless." My husband and I are both avid travelers, and before meeting one another had both spent a number of years living and traveling in different countries - mostly western Europe for me, and east Africa for my husband. When we got married, we decided we wanted to travel somewhere we could both experience for the first time, together, and southeast Asia was top of the list.

Graham put together a perfect itinerary for our 14-day visit through Cambodia and Vietnam, from the moment we landed in Phnom Penh to the day we left Hanoi. Not only did Graham set us up with knowledgeable local guides, but he also provided excellent suggestions on optional day tours, local restaurants and must-try dishes. His first-hand knowledge of "best spot to grab a cold one and people watch," among other tidbits of advice truly made for a memorable trip.

It would be hard to say which part of the trip we enjoyed the most, but Siem Reap and the Ankor Wat temples certainly were up there. Graham gave us the full download before the visit, and we felt fully prepared to navigate the sites, avoid the crowds and make sure that we made the most of this amazing spot.  The sun rise is one we will never forget.

We are so grateful to Tallis for putting together such a magical trip for us. Looking back, we wouldn't change a thing! Thank you!


Graham was instrumental to creating and organizing a holiday of a lifetime for my wife and I. We engaged Graham to help us plan a trip to Myanmar which involved multiple international and domestic flights, 5 different hotels, transfers and tour guides. What struck me first before we had even taken off was the meticulous attention to detail in planning our itinerary. Graham worked hard to understand what it was the two of us looked for in a holiday, whether we were looking for adventure, relaxation or culture. In fact we wanted all three and Graham made sure he gave us plenty of options and ideas of things to do that would achieve those points. I was comforted in the fact that he was speaking from personal experience and not from guide books. 

 The trip itself was effortless for us, every detail we expected was in place at every stop as well as some added personal touches we weren’t expecting (I want share here as the little surprises are worth the wait). Our agenda was busy but also allowed us enough downtown to do things of our own choice in our own time. I can’t speak highly enough of the support, personal touches and of Graham himself in planning a holiday my wife and I will look back on fondly for years to come.



My husband and I had spoken about going to Africa ever since we first met, therefore it seemed fitting to take our honeymoon in Tanzania.  To no surprise, our trip through Tallis Journeys surpassed our expectations. 

We had a fantastic time on safari with exceptional cat sightings everyday.Our guide was crucial to us being educated about the animals and he knew so much and kept us really engaged the whole tour. We saw very rare encounters as well, like the wild dogs, lions and their cubs, a leopard which is the hardest to spot and a cheetah and her young. Graham’s choices of accommodation were perfect – a little bit of wild but with the luxury we wanted on our honeymoon. 

As recommended by Graham, we flew to the archipelago of Zanzibar afterwards for some downtime. Staying on the remote island of Pemba at Fundu Lagoon was incredible.  Its stunning beach, beautiful accommodation, coupled with amazing food and cocktails was the perfect ending to our trip. 

For us, the biggest thing that stood out while planning this trip with Graham was his first-hand experience and knowledge. It was definitely the most crucial component of our trip and why we would highly recommend going with Tallis Journeys for your holiday. We will never ever forget the time we had in Africa. It literally was the trip of our life time.



True story: we asked Tallis to put together an 8-day trip in Namibia as the first part of our honeymoon… BUT we only gave them about 6 weeks of lead time to do it. And it was high season. In spite of our pain-in-the-a** request Tallis delivered the goods!!! We trusted Graham and Lizzie to get everything sorted out and just asked that they use their judgement to put together the trip however they thought best. When we landed in Windhoek there was a driver with our name on a sign, and from that moment on we didn’t have to think about a thing. Everything was flawless.

We kept joking about how we didn’t even know what we were going to do each day. Tallis sent us very detailed itineraries, but we’d been so immersed in wedding planning that we didn’t ever look at them. And we didn’t need to! Each day was perfectly scheduled with smooth travel transitions, cool excursions, relaxing downtime, and engaging cultural experiences. Giant sand dunes? YES. Elephants so close we could have touched them? YES. Dreamy accommodations unlike anything we could have imagined? YES. Each day was a beautiful surprise. There were plenty of personal touches too, and we felt like honored guests all along the way.

Graham went above and beyond to put together the best possible itinerary in a limited amount of time, leveraging long-standing relationships with premier properties to get us in all the right places. We unreservedly recommend Tallis Journeys. The only complaint is that we are now spoiled for the rest of our traveling lives :)


We had a wonderfully well organised and stress free visit to China, visiting Beijing and Xian. In Beijing we saw the Great Wall, Tiananmen Square, the Forbidden City, Summer Palace and the Temple of Heaven. I felt that we saw the best of the attractions in a very  careful and well planned manner. We were not rushed and had a wonderful guide who was knowledgeable and pleasant to be with. Getting through the busy rail station in Beijing was easy with our guide leading the way. I cannot imagine doing  it by ourselves. The train journey was fast and efficient and again we were met by another professional guide once we reached  Xian. Here we were shown the Terra Cotta Museum the Great Mosque and Museum Quarter and the very impressive City Wall, a highlight of the trip for me.

The Hotels chosen for us were perfect: The Four Seasons in Beijing and the Shangri La in Xian.

I would highly recommend using Tallis Journeys for any travel in China, based on our experience.


Long overdue thanks for our trip to Myanmar last year. We really cannot thank you enough! Every detail of trip from stepping off the plane in Yangon to enjoying champagne on the deck of the Sanctuary Ananda was taken care of. I don’t think I’ve ever been so relaxed!

The staff were friendly, knowledgeable and extremely helpful. The boat itself was magnificent and the experiences beyond expectations.  
I particularly want to thank you for all your invaluable help with planning our holiday. I have recommended you to almost everyone I know and can’t wait to work with you for our next trip.

Myanmar was a truly magical holiday, and one that we certainly will not forget in this lifetime.

Kirsten and Katie

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My family and I have now had the pleasure of going on two of Tallis’s spectacularly curated trips. The first entailed a journey through Peru, leading us up the Inka trail and then on to Ecuador before capping off a truly memorable adventure in the Galapagos. Graham and Lizzie’s attention to detail did not go unnoticed, and this was only further solidified by our acknowledgement that planning for a group of 18, with varying likes/dislikes/interests is NO small feat. The trip went off without a glitch and moreover would be impossible to replicate had it not been for Graham’s wizardry. When unanticipated food poisoning threatened to derail plans, Graham from half way across the world was quick to readjust and accommodate before the rest of the group was able to wonder “what should we do.”

Planning a trip of this caliber takes an enormous amount of time, patience and thought, but reaching quick and appropriate decisions on a whim is a talent that deserve praise in its own right, and in this regard, Graham demonstrated tremendous flexibility and aptitude. He was both accessible and responsive to all of our needs from start to finish (and frankly even to post trip inquiries!) 

His passion for what he does is infectious and shone through in every aspect of his planning. 

This past May we traveled throughout Africa starting in Cape Town, on to Zambia and ending another magical excursion in Botswana, only this time for a smaller group of us... just 8! It’s hard to narrow down favorite aspects of our trip, seeing as every minute of it was so thoughtfully crafted to provide for the trip (x2) of a lifetime. While Africa is a marvelous continent, it is clear that without Graham’s minute-by-minute planning, from friends meeting us once we disembarked to another set of friends seeing us on to our connecting flight and onwards, we would have likely spent sightseeing time dealing with bureaucratic borders or a missed flight or two! However, thanks to Graham’s keen foresight and ability to predict the unpredictable we were able to enjoy a stress free experience. Even with a days old newborn at home, Graham was rearranging logistics to accommodate the excess luggage we had managed to accumulate along the way. I firmly believe that this level of service simply does not exist elsewhere. 

As a multinational family, we have been grateful to explore many corners of the world, however traveling with Tallis is unlike anything we’ve ever done before or could do without his expertise.  Graham, Lizzie and the entire Tallis family are truly Giants in the bespoke luxury vacation space (while not possessing the egos of ones!) Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!