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With over twenty years in the travel industry we have built up a network of trusted ground handlers, fixers and friends to help create awe-inspiring and wondrous journeys, not just another generic holiday.

The key difference in designing a seamlessly operated trip is experience.  Experience of the destination, the best time to visit, the local cultures and of course the wildlife activity allow us to design the ultimate Journey for you.  

Our first hand travel adventures forms the basis of every trip we organise – from the hotels and lodges we fell in love with to the wildlife and cultural experiences that inspired us; these moments we’ve been lucky enough to see ourselves will help guide us in designing your itinerary.

That’s why all our trips are bespoke – we don’t work with brochures or text heavy websites. We’d rather inspire you with some images, our own experiences and then chat to you about your upcoming adventure.


·      Our experience forms the basis of every trip we plan

·      We only offer destinations in which we have travelled or lived in

·      We don’t compromise on quality

·      We provide private consultation anywhere in the world

·      By dealing direct with partners in the destination our pricing is competitive

·      A large portion of our clients are referred by word-of-mouth or are repeat business


Graham Wood

Although I was born in Ireland, I spent my formative years in Malawi, Kenya and Uganda (where my folks still live).  After a few years in Europe at university I jumped at the chance to get back and spent the following thirteen years in East and Southern Africa working in the safari business. I’ve been lucky enough to try my hand at just about every aspect of the industry – from being a guide and camp manager to running a large tour operator with well over a hundred and fifty employees. 

In 2013 we had the opportunity to move to Hong Kong to look after the Asian operation of the same company.  Three years of extensive regional travel and learning later, we were on the move again to Australia to start Tallis Journeys, inspired by the wealth of travel opportunities out there.

Having travelled to over fifty countries worldwide there are too many highlights and special moments to mention.  It’s using these experiences that enable us to help plan amazing trips for our clients though. That said, if I was pushed and had to name a few, hiking in Torres Del Paine in Chile and visiting the Galapagos would be right up there. In Africa, nothing can really prepare you for just how fantastic Gorilla Trekking is, whilst sitting around a camp fire under the African night sky is a well worn but perfect end to the quintessential day on safari.  In Asia, North Korea will always remain a highlight just because of how unusual it was, but floating down the Irrawaddy River in Myanmar or getting an overnight train to Lhasa rank amongst my favourites.

Lizzie Wood

Unlike Graham, I was late coming into the travel scene. Growing up in Shepparton, Victoria, many of our holidays consisted of treks across Australia’s alpine regions or being taken out of school for four months to travel the East Coast.

My first taste of international travel wasn’t until I was 22 years old, when I took a three-month long backpacking adventure through Southern and Eastern Africa. Four years later, I returned to the white sandy beaches of Zanzibar, to work as a writer and photographer before entering into the safari industry. From Africa to Asia, I moved into the airline industry working for Cathay Pacific, which allowed me to visit some of the most beautiful destinations in the region.  

As much as it pains me to state, if it wasn’t for meeting Graham, the number of countries I’ve visited would probably be a lot less. As far as highlights go, two weeks camping with one of the last hunter and gather tribes in Africa, the Hadazbe, remains at the forefront. For scenery, Patagonia is the answer. You need to have a willingness to move slowly, to enjoy the vast skies, stunning glaciers and pristine mountainous regions.  While closer to Australia, Japan and Vietnam are places I love to keep on revisiting, simply because the food and people are amazing.